7 DIY Cat Halloween Decorations (With Pictures)

When we think of Halloween and spooky decorations, cats are almost always among the witches, bats, spiders, and Jack O’ Lantern. Black cats are often used for Halloween décor, and we’re here to help you find the ideal DIY project to decorate your home as the spooky season approaches.

Here are seven DIY cat decorations for Halloween that you can make with a few basic supplies and creativity.


The 7 DIY Cat Halloween Decorations

1. Halloween Black Cat Decoration

Materials: Empty glass bottles, a 3.8” smooth Styrofoam ball, black felt, white craft foam, green and blue glitter craft foam, wood skewer
Tools: Black acrylic paint, black spray paint, black marker, hot glue
Difficulty Level: Moderate

This DIY black cat decoration is simple, but the results look like store-bought décor. You will need a few craft supplies to create these stunning black cats, including craft foam and empty glass bottles (wine bottles work great). Fortunately, this tutorial offers all the steps with pictures to make this simple, even if you’re a beginner crafter. The author also offers a printable pattern to make things even easier.

2. DIY Dollar Tree Halloween Cat Wreath

Materials: Cat costume accessory kid, ribbon, googly eyes, wreath frame, mesh ribbon
Tools: Scissors, hot glue
Difficulty Level: Moderate

This DIY Dollar Tree Halloween cat wreath is the perfect decoration for your home. It’s easy to make, especially if you have some experience making wreaths. You have some creative freedom with the design of the face, whiskers, bow, and hat as well, so have fun with it. Best of all, you can get all your supplies from the Dollar Tree!

3. Kid-Friendly Black Cat Halloween Decorations

DIY Black Cat Halloween Decoration
Image Credit: Crayola
Materials: Construction paper, cardstock, paper towel rule
Tools: Scissors, metallic markets, school glue, pencil, ruler
Difficulty Level: Easy

This kid-friendly decoration is perfect for all ages and makes cute black cats your kids can take to school or decorate the house. You may need to guide children with this project, especially with the scissors, but you can leave the decorating to their own creativity. Best of all, once you know the basic steps, you can make your own clowder with an array of different cat personalities.

4. Halloween Black Cat Wood Block Decor

DIY Halloween Black Cat Wood Block Decor
Image Credit: Missouri Girl Home
Materials: Wood blocks, raffia or twine, googly eyeballs
Tools: Black acrylic paint, carpenter square, white or pink paint, foam paint brush, carpenter’s square, hot glue, measuring tape, miter saw, pencil
Difficulty Level: Moderate

These black cat wood block decorations are cheap and easy. You will need some 2×4 wood blocks and inexpensive supplies that you probably have around the house. The most challenging aspect is cutting the tip of the wood to create the shape of the cat, which will require a saw. Other than that, you can paint and design the cats however you wish to make the project your own.

5. Wooden Black Cat Decoration

DIY Wooden Black Cat Decoration
Image Credit: thrifty NW MOM
Materials: 2×4 board, googly eyes, raffia
Tools: Black acrylic paint, hot glue
Difficulty Level: Moderate

This is a different version of the wooden black cats that you can make quickly and easily. You only need a few supplies to get started, and other than cutting the wood, the kids could even help. These cats make great yard decorations, but you can also use them inside your home. If you want to have a little fun with it, try different colored raffia and different sizes for the googly eyes. You could also add some festive touches like witch hats or ribbons.

6. Spooky Halloween DIY Cat Wreath

DIY spooky Halloween Cat Wreath
Image Credit: Crafts by Courtney
Materials: Luxury fur trim, cat eye stickers, foam wreath, black felt, black pipe cleaners
Tools: Scissors, glue
Difficulty Level: Easy

With Halloween fast approaching, this kid-friendly cat wreath is a perfect project for the weekend with the kids. There are two versions, one with eyes and one without, to make it even easier to fit into your busy schedule. Don’t be afraid to get creative with accents of different colors, fun fur styles, or other accessories.

7. Crochet Halloween Cat Wreath

DIY Crochet Halloween Cat Wreath
Image Credit: Repeat Crafter Me
Materials: 12-inch foam wreath, wooden craft fence, orange yard, green felt
Tools: Size H crochet hook, hot glue gun
Difficulty Level: Difficult

This crochet Halloween cat wreath is a cute decoration if you have crocheting experience. This two-part project starts with the crochet black cat, which you can then use as part of your wreath. This crafter provides plenty of optional details if you want to personalize your project, such as instructions to add a spider for a unique touch.



There you have it—seven DIY cat Halloween decorations to prepare for the upcoming holiday. There’s a range of options, including kid-friendly projects and more sophisticated décor, depending on your taste and experience level. Enjoy!

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Featured Image Credit: Anton27, Shutterstock

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