How Much to Give a Dog Walker for Christmas in 2022

Your dog walker has saved your bacon more than once throughout the last year, and you want to do something nice when Christmas rolls around. There are plenty of gifts you can get your dog walker that will show how much you appreciate them, including a gift of cash.

It’s recommended that you give a dog walker at least $100. We’ve also seen suggestions to give them at least a month’s paycheck, but that may be too generous, depending on your salary. This article will provide you with a few ideas for what to give your favorite dog walker for Christmas in 2022, whether it’s money or something else.


What Is the Perfect Christmas Gift for Your Dog Walker?

Of course, you want your dog walker to be happy during the holiday season, so consider giving one of the gifts listed below.


man holding money
Image credit: Gerd Altmann, Pixabay

Any dog walker would be happy with money as a Christmas gift, but the amount depends on your financial situation, your dog walker’s regular pay, and how generous you’re willing to be during the holiday. If you don’t want to present your dog walker with a large sum, you could include a small gift like a scarf in addition to the cash.

Doggie Jewelry

A dog walker isn’t going to do the job if they don’t love dogs. That’s why a doggie paw-shaped pendant on a lovely silver chain could be the perfect choice of a Christmas gift for your dog walker. Just make sure you know whether your walker likes silver or gold, and plan from there with your gift. Some people are allergic to precious metals.

A Pedicure or Manicure

woman having pedicure
Image Credit: Piqsels

Your dog walker is on their feet a lot of the day, and if they’re female, their nails are put through the test by tugging at leashes all day. The gift of a pedicure or manicure could be just the ticket to make her feel special during Christmas.

An Amazon Gift Card

Who hasn’t shopped at Amazon? Very few people, we’re here to tell you. An Amazon gift card lets the user purchase whatever they want. However, sometimes you know your dog walker well and want to be less practical and more creative, so consider the gifts below as well.

Hand or Foot Warmers (Both)

A dog walker is out in the sun, rain, and snow, so hand and foot warmers will be something they can greatly appreciate. This is an excellent idea for a dog walker unless you live in Hawaii; then, you might want to think of something else.

Holiday Gift Baskets

holiday basket
Image Credit: Calvste, Shutterstock

If you’re unsure of what you want to give your dog walker or have a few things in mind, why not try a holiday gift basket? There are so many options, from book baskets to self-care baskets to food baskets. You can’t go wrong with a holiday gift basket because there’s something for everyone.


Wrapping It Up

When giving your dog walker a Christmas gift, you can’t go wrong with any of the possible gifts on our list. Of course, cold hard cash is always appreciated as well. From money to gift baskets, there’s something for everyone on Christmas, and whatever you choose, we’re sure your dog walker will thank you!

Featured Image Credit: Photo Spirit, Shutterstock

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